Robbie Craig is a British singer-songwriter best known for his work as the lead vocalist on East 17’s hit single “Deep”. Born in 1967 in London, Craig grew up surrounded by music and began singing at a young age. He was recruited as the band’s new lead singer in 2014, following the departure of original member Brian Harvey. Craig made an immediate impact with his soulful vocals and dynamic stage presence, helping to revitalize the group’s sound and push them back into the mainstream. “Deep” became one of East 17’s biggest hits, reaching the top 5 in the UK singles chart and earning Craig critical acclaim for his performance. In addition to his work with East 17, Craig has released several solo albums and collaborated with a number of other artists across different genres. He remains a respected figure in the UK music scene and continues to tour and perform regularly.

Craig’s smooth and soulful voice helped to define the sound of the group, which was one of the most successful acts of the 1990s. Alongside Tony Mortimer, Brian Harvey, and John Hendy, Craig released a string of hit singles, including “House of Love,” “Deep,” and the Christmas classic “Stay Another Day.” In addition to his work with East 17, Craig has also released solo music and collaborated with other artists, showing off his versatility and range as a performer. Through his contributions to the music industry, Robbie Craig has left an indelible mark on British pop culture, and continues to be celebrated by fans worldwide. His talent, dedication, and passion for music make him a beloved figure in the world of entertainment.