East 17 a hugely popular boy band in the 90s, and one of its members was Coldwell Terence. Terence was born on 1974 in London. He joined East 17 in 1991 as one of the lead vocalists and quickly became a fan favorite for his smooth voice and good looks. Terence was also responsible for writing some of the band’s hits, including “Stay Another Day,” which became the UK Christmas number one in 1994.

Terence remained with the band until 1997 when he decided to leave to pursue a solo career. However, his post-East 17 career was short-lived, and he eventually returned to the group in 1998. He remained with them until 2010, when he left once again, this time citing personal reasons.

Despite his ups and downs with the band, Terence is remembered fondly by East 17 fans and is still considered an integral part of the group’s history. His songwriting contributions and distinctive vocals helped shape the sound of one of the most successful British boy bands of all time.